Emily has been in the salon world since she was a young girl. Her mother was a stylist since before Emily was born; it was only natural that some of her first memories were that of a salon. During her teenage years, she began to grow increasingly interested in now only all things art related, but also her love for cosmetology-like-things.

When she finally decided to take the first leap of faith into the cosmetology world, she immediately was enamored with it all. She deeply immersed herself in it, and her passions only continue to grow as time passes.

After working in a traditional salon, she ventured out on her own and rented a shared suite. When that feeling of change came knocking, she answered. She opened her own 400sq ft space, only to upgrade to a 1200 sq ft space 6 months later.

As fate would have it, Beautistry was born, and the leaps of faith just kept on coming.  When Emily stumbled upon the space in which Beautistry currently resides, she was awestruck - it was as if someone plucked her vision right out of her dreams and built a space perfect to house the structure you know and love now. 

Over the years, Emily has grown increasingly interested in leadership, and helping other stylists to work in their flow of energy.  She is passionate about shaking up the industry, and this rendition of Beautistry was the perfect home to do so.

Cathleen is from Richfield, WI and is proud to share a hometown with Beautistry The Salon! Being raised in a household with three older sisters means that Cathleen is no stranger to the beauty world. Cathleen has wanted to be a Cosmetologist for as long as she can remember. She followed in the footsteps of her Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Sister and close friends that have all had a passion for hair before she even knew how to hold a comb.

Cathleen graduated from The Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness in September 2021 and has been working behind the chair ever since! Since starting at Beautistry Cathleen has only found a deeper love for cosmetology, building relationships with her clients and growing her passion with her beautiful coworkers. She hopes to give all of her clients the opportunity the feel a little cooler every time they leave her chair.

Des has been rocking in the hair industry since 2021. She lives for all cuts and styles, especially the funky ones.  Her true passion lies in helping her clients feel confident in their own hair! She loves to do it all - from natural shades, to vivids, from maintenance trims to transformation cuts and styles!  She's always up for a new challenge.

In her free time, you can find her at the beach soaking up the sun or on the mountain shredding some powder on her snowboard! She also enjoys the simple things in life, like cuddling up at home to her two kitties and relaxing with a sketchbook in hand.

She can't wait to help you reach your hair goals. Des hopes that every client can leave with a sense of confidence! ⚡︎



Morgan has always been creative. The first person to suggest this industry to her was her mom. As her family always says, you could always find Morgan “making things” as a child. One of her first memories of her interest in the industry was when she received some play makeup as a gift. As she grew, her love for the craft grew more and now as an adult, she finds that her creative mind as a child has translated well as her love for cosmetology as an adult!

Morgan graduated in cosmetology from WCTC, and had her first job behind the chair in a corporate salon. She knew that this structure was a great start for her, and she loved that she got to do a bit of everything, whether it be an artist, photographer, creator, or even just an ear to listen. Morgan is excited to show each client their own beauty, inside and out!






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